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Many physicians, medical practice management consultants and medical billing software companies were involved in the design of Healthpac's products. HPlusPro is the newest and most advanced medical office billing software and enables users to take advantage of an abundance of advantages:

  • Electronically process claims
  • Generate a variety of patient reports
  • Create provider reports
  • Utilize EMR for quick retrieval of information and implement security measures to ensure confidentiality.

The medical billing practice management and medical office billing software system, HPlusPro, allows the users to reduce the average age of receivables. Returns on insurance claims will increase as compliancy rules and regulations set by Medicare are maintained. This increased efficiency results in cash flow improvements through the unique development of "claims solutions" that help ensure payment the first time a claim is filed. Healthpac clients will see an decrease in insurance rejections within 30 days of initial use, and HPlusPro provides a better in-house collection system that identifies bad debt situations before they happen while capturing and controlling all information relative to the patient.

In addition, HPlusPro medical office billing software successfully allows the user to maintain a clinical database to track the treatment and outcome of various services. With the EMR feature, the paperwork decreases while staff productivity increases. The Healthpac medical office billing software HPlusPro produces a more efficient healthcare practice.

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