Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software

We can provide you with medical billing software to fit a variety of needs. Our customizable medical billing software options provide customers with the efficiency needed to run their practice smoothly. The medical billing software we have created was made in an effort to speed up the billing process for many different medical offices and hospital departments and improve entry accuracy in every step. Please click on the links above for detailed features of each area of medical billing software we provide and contact us with any questions you or your office may have.

Healthpac also provides medical billing software for other practice types, including...

Allergy Ambulatory Surgical Centers Cardiology Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Dermatology Durable Medical Equipment Family Practice Gastroenterology Hospitalists Internal Medicine Neurology Neurosurgery Oncology Orthopedic Plastic Surgery Podiatry Radiological Imaging Center Rural Hospitals Surgeons Radiology Information System (RIS)

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"HealthPac has allowed me to provide the best service to my customers at the best possible price. Their time saving tools like work queues have made staff more efficient. Their partnership with system vendors in the areas of statement processing, patient portals, eligibility and clearinghouses has managed to get me the best support from HealthPac and MY chosen vendor, not just who they want me to choose. Their flexibility in programming and reporting has allowed me to customize what I need, when I need it. Overall they are an A+!"

Ginger Ryder
Renton, WA