Laboratory Billing Software

Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. has developed medical billing software specifically for laboratories. We guarantee an increase in collections when you install our Laboratory Billing Software solution. With more than 34 years experience developing Laboratory Billing Software systems, Healthpac Computer Systems, Inc. has developed its Laboratory Billing Software with the following features:

  • We have a powerful HL7 bi-directional interface that seamlessly sends and receives billing information between your LIS and our HPlusPro Laboratory Billing Software.
  • Transparent interface to Laboratory Information System developed in conjunction with a large LIS vendor.
  • Both systems working together help keep all records updated and correct within our Laboratory Billing Software.
  • Logical Design for ease of use and minimal training requirements. Based on "Rules of Engagement" tables that are easily changed by the client when required in special situations.
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If you are interested in a Laboratory Billing Software demonstration, feel free to contact us and one of our team members would be glad to assist you.

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