Healthpac Practice Management Reporting Software

A Total Reporting Solution - Customize and Create Reports

Within HPlusPro, Healthpac Practice Management Reporting delivers rich, interactive reports based on data from your entire practice so you can view all of your critical information in one place.

Practice Management Reporting lets you customize and create reports featuring data from your Healthpac applications. You can quickly locate detailed supporting information about any piece of data contained within your report with the drill-down and specific parameter capability available in each report.


  • Use of powerful and flexible standard reports within the system
  • Drill down capability to produce supporting data-ability to see details (pt info) or totals
  • Advanced filters to create virtually any number of reports
  • Productivity monitoring by user
  • CSV Generator compatible with Excel and other programs
  • All reports can be output to PDF, MS Excel, email; setup to be created automatically based on the parameters you set up

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